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Dad. Curious cat. Tech entrepreneur. Recovering insomniac

I believe we get most out of life when pursuing a Mission. That 1% improvement, every day is necessary to start the Flywheel.

For a few years now, I've been honing my craft of bootstrapping Tech products (both hardware & software).

Doing this while juggling a full time job and growing a young family has been both harrowing & intensely rewarding. It's strengthened my growth mindset, honed my discipline, taught me to enter Flow mode at will, and helped me make some lasting friendships.

On this site, you’ll find interesting Startups I work on. Thoughts & tactics about startup philosophies, and musing about living a productive & fulfilling life.

I also provide detailed notes from books I've read.

My focus for 2019 is writing, strength training, and fixing my sleep insomnia.

I spend my downtime with my wonderful wife & 2 kids, escapism through acoustic 🎸, and PS4 gaming(hello: Shadow of Colossus).

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Latest Essays


Latest Book Summaries


Atomic Habits

by James Clear


By far the best book on Habit forming / elimination I've read. James Clear takes us through the science of habits + the tricks we can use in everyday life to build habits we want


Bad Blood

by John Carreyrou


A history of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes’ rise to becoming media darling - first self-made Female Billionaire CEO, with Theranos at a $9B valuation. To unveiling of massive fraud at Theranos and the fact that its blood testing technologies simply didn’t work...


The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho


Paulo Coelho's age-less parable about the pursuit for personal dreams. Told through the eyes of a Shepherd whose experiences took him along many paths on his way to find his Treasure. Must read!


Startups I founded

B2B, SaaS

Inviited is a meeting scheduling app for cross timezone, cross organization teams.

It's a ridiculously easy way to set up online meetings - a single link that puts in place attendee polling, or allow attendees to book directly into your Calendar.

B2C, hardware, AI

A Privacy-first, photo & video storage product aimed at providing Google Photos like capability for your home. Think: real time photo backup, AI powered search, voice control, etc. In 3 years, we prototyped 2 hardware in the Capsule family:

  • Capsule Hub: Our patent pending AI backup solution. Raised almost US$50k on Kickstarter in 30 days
  • Capsule Frame: A voice enabled smart digital Frame with 2TB of onboard storage that backs up and displays


Marketplace, mobile e-commerce

5hops was a next generation mobile shopping experience. Giving shoppers seamless access to boutique brands they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Our self-publishing platform allowed a seller to be up and selling in under 15 minutes with full service capability across publishing, inventory management and payment processing.

Companies I consulted to

Companies I consulted to